Mikooshka is a musician and producer from Toronto, Canada.

He combines programming, sampling, and live instruments to create a modern musical sound.

Mikooshka, aka designer Mike Simpson, likes to mix up his music – we’ve got left-field beats, a little electronic rock, reggae/dub, punk/funk, hip-hop and world vibes thrown into the mix.

He has collaborated with musicians from varied genres including John T. Davis (blues/jazz), Jeff Simpson (rock/classical) Paul Schedlich (rock/indie), and singers / performance artists Grey Coyote and Ulysses Castellanos.

In 2009, he released Construct Deconstruct Reconstruct which featured the spoken word rap track (and video) “Coconut Radio.” The 5-song EP will soon be available as a free download.

In fall 2013, Mikooshka will release “Streets are for People,” an EP that features tracks “Alright Kids / The Night Kids,” and “Streets are for People.”



New Track – “Streets are for People”

This is a preview of a tune that will released with a video during summer 2013. Genre: Electronic Rock, Breaks, Drum’n'Bass

Alternate Mix – “Streets are for People”

This is an alternate approach to this tune – considering using something like this for the video. Genre: Electronic Rock, Dubstep, Breaks, Drum’n'Bass


Classic Track – “Ashanti”

This is the lead track from my album “Construct Deconstruct Reconstruct,” released in early 2009. Genre: House, Downtempo, Afrobeat



Video – “Coconut Radio featuring Ulysses Castellanos”

This is a video and track that features the spoken word performance (freestyle) of Toronto performance artist Ulysses Castellanos. It was released in 2009 shortly after I put out the “CDR” album.

This video is on YouTube and Vimeo.


 Thanks for visiting!

- Mikooshka


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